Taxing Districts located in TCAs

Lewis County is comprised of 169 tax code areas (TCA). These TCAs represent 61 Districts that include State, County, City, Cemetery, Fire, School, Port and Library Districts and 92 levies. Your tax bill is determined by the budget requests of the tax district and the assessed value of your property parcel. Levy rates (budget requests) are determined by a calculation of the budgets and the value of the districts parcels.

Each TCA is unique. Two properties, identical in assessment or even adjoining, may pay very different taxes as levied by the taxing districts they support.

If you know your TCA and you would like to know the districts you support, enter that number below to view the Taxing Districts in your TCA and their contact information.

If you do not know your TCA, you can locate it on the Parcels system. Enter your parcel, address, or name in Parcels. After you have located your parcel’s information, your TCA will be in the large green box on the parcel’s initial screen. All TCA’s will be 3 or 4 digits in length. Should you need assistance, contact the Lewis County Assessor’s Office at (360)740-1392.

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General Contact

Lewis County Assessor
351 NW North St.
Chehalis WA 98532
(360) 740-1392

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